Liquid Highway Makes Fundraising Easy!


Liquid Highway offers charities, parents, teachers, coaches and club leaders fundraising options that are easy to execute and also bring a generous return.

Option 1

Spread the word about your Liquid Highway Car Wash Fundraiser and you will receive 10% of all sales from anyone who mentions your organization at Liquid Highway on the day or week of your event. It requires minimal effort on your part. Just place a specified code on your organization’s flyers, website, posters, etc. and Liquid Highway will cut you a check for 10% from everyone who mentions your code. Liquid Highway Car Wash will even promote your organization’s code in our newsletter and online.

Option 2

Sell Liquid Highway Gift Cards and make $4 or $8 per card (depending on it’s value). It’s a great way to involve everyone in the group. You can also advertise the gift cards to your group and then they can purchase the cards on-line at our website. We will track these sales and then give your organization a portion of the proceeds.

Furthermore, our cards have no expiration date, don’t get old like cookies or chocolates and they make great birthday and holiday gifts. It’s definitely the one gift that won’t be returned!

Many Benefits For Both You & The Environment

Environmentally Friendly – Unlike parking lot car washes, Liquid Highway keeps all chemicals and runoff out of our beautiful creeks, rivers and ocean. Also, we use gentle phosphate free products and save thousands of gallons of water each year since our state-of-the-art water treatment system purifies all water and chemicals used. Soap runoff into the storm-water system has become a big problem nationwide and especially here in the Lowcountry because of our proximity to the ocean and abundant wildlife.

No Worries About Rain Outs or Permits – If it rains we’ll just schedule another date for our organization.

How Do We Get Started?

Simply complete and submit the form below and a member of our staff will contact you to discuss the advantages of each program.