Lasts Longer Than Any Wax

It is more scratch and mark resistant, which means the finish of the paint will stay like the day it was coated

Superior UV Protection

The paint will not oxidize after been exposed to large amounts of UV rays from the sun

Protection From Evironmental Factors

Unlike traditional wax, bird droppings, tree sap, and harsh de-greasers will not deteriorate the coating

A "Swell" Car Wash

Liquid Highway is the first car wash of its kind in the Carolina's to offer more choices and more flexibility for your car care needs. The Liquid Highway Flex Serve format offers everything from a $10 Express Exterior drive-through wash that takes four minutes to the deep clean Orbital Hand Wax Extreme, which removes deeper scratches, oxidation and water stains. Customers love that detailing services and à la carte items can be added to any car wash service.

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Hydrophic Effects

It makes it very easy to clean your vehicle due to its extreme hydrophobic effects, phobic meaning having a extreme aversion to something which in this case would be water. As a result it makes it much easier maintaining and drying off your vehicle

Protects From Dirt, Dust, And Grime

Dirt, dust, and grime will not stick on the paint nearly as much, which helps with maintaining your vehicle

Extra Shine And Gloss

Your vehicle will have a high and intense shine and gloss for years to come